About ibis reads

About Ibis Reads

Our website is: Https://Ibis-Reads.vmed.blog known as Ibis Reads

We are a subdomain of Vmed.blog known as ‘The Villages Meditation Group

Our other subdomain of ‘The Villages’ is My Meditation Diary (Https://meditation-diary.vmed.blog)

Feel free to check it all out !

About ibis reads

Our website Ibis Reads is a website that discusses and sells materials about Fringe topics. This can be very diverse and the term Fringe itself is open to debate and subjective. To clarify our interpretation is that it is about topics that are different from the mainstream. Material can include Ufos, Aliens, Astrology, Cat Lore, Cosmic Ordering, Crystals and much much more. You get the picture. We may also engage with areas that support this subject matter such as including crystal identification for supporting Crystal lore.

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