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Manifestation Books at Ibis – realign your 10 fold path forge your destiny

Sounds a bit crazy right ? With these manifestation books this is the notion of bringing things into reality by your own intention. There are some reality challenging cases I have explored that brings the whole paradigm of our lived universe into question. If you know about Helen Hadsell manifestation books may be a more serious thing.

Manifestation Books…

We are just in the process of filling this page with manifestation books under various guises. Watch this space !

Understanding The Future by Lyn Burbeck

Understanding the future manifestation books

Understanding The Future: A Survivor’s Guide to Riding the Cosmic (click safe)

Embark on a transformative journey with Astrologer Lyn Birkbeck’s groundbreaking book, ‘Understanding The Future: A Survivor’s Guide to Riding the Cosmic Wave.’ Unveiling the awe-inspiring cosmic dance between Uranus, Pluto, and Earth.

Birkbeck illuminates the extraordinary Planet-Wave that surged forth, reaching its crescendo. Within these pages, discover an unparalleled opportunity for personal and collective evolution, where quantum physics meets destiny.

Birkbeck masterfully guides readers through the intricacies of this celestial alignment, revealing the profound impact it holds on our lives and the world at large. Through riveting storytelling and profound insights, learn to harness the immense power of your mind in harmony with the cosmic forces.

This manual serves as a beacon, illuminating the path toward crucial ‘course corrections,’ essential for our well-being and the prosperity of our planet. Prepare to be empowered, inspired, and ready to surf the waves of change into a future brimming with genuine prosperity. Click to embark on your cosmic odyssey today.

Awaken Your Goddess by Liz Simpson

awaken your goddess manifestation books

Awaken Your Goddess: A Practical Guide to Discovering a Woman’s Power, a Woman’s Glory

Embrace the timeless wisdom of ‘Awaken Your Goddess: A Practical Guide to Discovering a Woman’s Power, a Woman’s Glory.’ Journey through the ages as this empowering guide unlocks the secrets of ancient Goddess archetypes, illuminating the path for women to connect with their authentic selves and unleash a dynamic feminine force.

Discover the transformative power of these age-old archetypes, guiding you through every stage of life. This practical masterpiece empowers women to forge a profound connection with their inner strength and wisdom, fostering meaningful relationships and self-discovery.

Prepare to be captivated by stories of resilience, inspired by ancient wisdom, and equipped with practical tools that resonate with the modern woman. Awaken Your Goddess is not just a book; it’s a gateway to empowerment, a celebration of feminine grace, and a roadmap to self-discovery. Click now and embark on a transformative journey to discover your true essence.

Cosmic Energy: How to Harness the Invisible Power Around You to Transform Your Life Paperback by Anne Jirsch

cosmic energy manifestation books

Cosmic Energy: How to Harness the Invisible Power Around You to Transform Your Life Paperback

“COSMIC ENERGY is the amazing new book from top psychic Anne Jirsch. Everyone has heard of cosmic ordering; COSMIC ENERGY takes the process one step further and teaches you how to harness the pure power of the universe to transform all areas of your life.

Learn how to reveal your life’s purpose; attract positive people into your life; connect to all the wealth and happiness in the world; maximise your wellbeing ? and that of your loved ones. In her friendly, accessible style, Anne provides exercises to help you tap into your own chi and connect to the flow of the universe. She inspires you through the stories of the people she has helped, and provides you with tools to create the life you deserve.

The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr

Cosmic ordering

The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams

Transform your life with ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams’ by Barbel Mohr. If you’re holding this book, you’ve taken the first step toward changing your life. Are you tired of waiting for your ship to come in, longing for the perfect relationship, or stuck in a cycle of bills and unfulfilling work? Imagine a life where you can simply place an order for your desires, without chants, prayers, or effort.

Barbel Mohr proves that it’s possible. In this insightful guide, discover the art of cosmic orderingā€”an effortless way to manifest your dreams. Mohr’s approach is simple: relax, place your order with the universe, and watch marvelous things unfold. Skeptical? Even if you think it’s nonsense, try it just to prove her wrong, and you might find yourself on a wonderful journey toward an easier, more fulfilling life.

Learn from Mohr’s own experiences, from landing her dream job to finding love and even acquiring a castle! This charming and witty book guides you to listen to your inner voice, identify your desires, and effortlessly manifest them.

The hard part? Figuring out what you truly want. Once you do, let this book be your guide to obtaining it. Click now to embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your dreams.

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