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We get new titles in every week sometimes very rare, sometimes signed and other times just interesting. Everything fringe with a little extra which you may need as you delve deeper.

We are rather overwhelmed at the moment with new titles coming in and then leaving again at the speed of Achilles. If you have a particular interest please mail us and we will be in touch.

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Alien Encounters at Ibis

Aliens are extraterrestrial beings that may exist outside Earth. These creatures are often depicted in various forms, ranging from humanoid, grey beings to giant lizards and even more dissimilar entities….Expand this topic

Astrology at Ibis

Astrology is a type of divination that involves the forecasting of human and terrestrial and events through observing and interpreting the relative positions of stars and planets….Expand this topic

Cats and Cat Lore

With Cat Lore, these enigmatic creatures woven into the tapestry of human imagination, have long held a mystical allure in folklore and mysticism….Expand this topic

Crystals at Ibis

Check out crystals at Ibis we are still propagating this page with fresh books. At the moment it is rather like a flea market as the cars are just unloading early in the morning and the dealers are clamouring around…...Expand this topic

Manifestation at Ibis

Sounds a bit crazy right ? With these manifestation books this is the notion of bringing things into reality by your own intention. There are some reality challenging cases I have explored that brings…Expand this topic

Meditation at Ibis

In recent conversation with my distant cousin we talked about meditation and after a while I realised we were talking about completely different things….Expand this topic

Shamanism at Ibis

Our Shamanism books look at Shamanism from many perspectives. But first let’s look at some basic definitions and imagine a shamans’ experience….Expand this topic

The Apothecary’s Garden (Herbal Lore)

We look at the folklore, the science, the taxonomy of herbs today and throughout history. We also imagine the possibilities for an Apothecaries Garden of your own – for flavour, health and for pleasure….Expand this topic

Wicca at Ibis

Wicca is a modern and traditional, nature-based pagan or neo- pagan religion. Wiccans like to be called witches… Expand this topic

Witchcraft at Ibis

According to Merriam-Webster witchcraft is a term with quite a few interpretations. It is the best description I have found and there some really terrible ones out there. Its aspects are….Expand this topic

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