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Astrology Books at Ibis – find your destiny 12 ways

Before we get onto Astrology books….

Astrology is a type of divination that involves the forecasting of human and terrestrial and events through observing and interpreting the relative positions of stars and planets. Especially the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets in our solar system. Recently some rare and valuable astrology books have come into our possession. Below are some of our inventory at present we use Amazon links to buy in full confidence.

Art of Astrology

Art of Astrology at Ibis astrology books

Art of Astrology: A Complete Course in the Working Techniques of Natal Astrology

Embark on a celestial journey with this thought provoking book. Dive deep into the cosmic tapestry as Sheila Geddes expertly guides you through the intricate mechanics of astrology, unraveling the mysteries of celestial bodies. From essential astronomy to intricate calculations, delve into the rich history and language of astrology, mastering the art of crafting and interpreting birth charts. This meticulously crafted textbook caters to both novices and enthusiasts, offering profound insights that align seamlessly with astrological teaching bodies’ syllabuses. Unlock the secrets of the stars and empower yourself to illuminate the paths of others through the art of astrology.

Astrology for Lovers

Astrology for lovers at ibis

Astrology for lovers (buy safe at Amazon)

Indulge in the enchanting realm of love and relationships with ‘Astrology for Lovers,’ a masterful creation by one of the world’s foremost astrologers. This captivating guide transcends the ordinary, offering profound insights into life’s intricate tapestry and the dynamics of love. Unravel the secrets of the stars as it illuminates the path to enduring connections, guiding you through the mystical art of astrology.

Within these pages, you will:

• Immerse yourself in the profound principles of astrology, demystified for every reader. • Explore the enigmatic shadows of your zodiac sign, unveiling the depths of your being. • Understand the nuanced differences between the masculine and feminine energies within each sign, unlocking the mysteries of attraction. • Discover a swift and insightful method to unveil your ascendant, providing a deeper understanding of your true self.

Prepare to be enchanted, as this accessible and popular introduction to astrology becomes your beacon in the cosmic sea, guiding you toward profound self-discovery and meaningful relationships. Let the stars be your guide in the fascinating journey of love and connection.

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

Astrology of the moon

Astrology of the Moon

Dive into the depths of your soul with ‘Astrology of the Moon,’ a profound exploration of your emotional essence that illuminates the path to spiritual enlightenment. Uncover the mysteries of your inner world as this transformative guide deciphers your core emotional needs, offering invaluable insights to nurture them and empower your journey towards a spiritually enriched existence.

In this enlightening tome:

• Discover the profound significance of your moon sign, guiding you towards profound self-awareness and spiritual growth. • Unravel the intricate relationship between your natal and progressed moon, unlocking the secrets of your emotional landscape. • Explore the Moon’s potent energy, intricately woven with signs, houses, planets, and aspects, shaping your emotional experiences. • Delve into the realms of love, family, career, and more, understanding your emotional needs through an accessible cookbook format. • Embrace practical strategies to meet your essential emotional needs, paving the way for enduring happiness and fulfillment at every stage of life.

Let the wisdom within these pages be your guiding light, empowering you to embrace your emotional nature, nurture your spirit, and create a life brimming with profound contentment and spiritual harmony.

East West Astrology by Lori Reid

east west astrology

East West Astrology

In seamlessly intertwining the intrinsic traits of Chinese “animal” symbolism with the familiar framework of Western “zodiac” signs, Lori Reid crafts an illuminating narrative that serves as a powerful lens into the intricacies of one’s personality. Reid’s astute fusion not only unveils a precise personality profile but also delves into the realms of relationships, motivations, and future prospects, providing readers with a compelling exploration of self-discovery and introspection.

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