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With Cat Lore, these enigmatic creatures woven into the tapestry of human imagination, have long held a mystical allure in folklore and mysticism. Across cultures and centuries, these graceful beings have been revered and feared, embodying both magic and mystery. In ancient Egypt, they were revered as deities, guardians of the afterlife. In Celtic mythology, they were believed to possess supernatural powers, walking the line between the spirit world and our own.

Their graceful agility and nocturnal nature led many cultures to associate them with the unseen, with spirits and witches alike. Cats, with their piercing eyes and silent movements, became symbols of intuition and mystery. In Japanese folklore, the beckoning cat, or Maneki Neko, is a talisman of good fortune, believed to bring luck and prosperity to its owner.

In the realm of mysticism, cats are often seen as familiars, companions to witches and sorcerers, channeling otherworldly energies. Their independent spirit and keen instincts have inspired tales of shape-shifting and magical prowess. The enigma of cats, their ability to move gracefully between worlds, continues to fascinate and inspire, making them eternal icons of the arcane and the unknown. Cat lore, rich with symbolism and reverence, invites us to peer into the shadows of the mystical, where these captivating creatures dance on the edges of our understanding, leaving behind a trail of legends and whispered secrets.

The Silent Miaow by Paul Gallico

Silent Mieow cat lore

The Silent Miaow

Embark on a purrfectly enchanting journey with ‘The Feline Guide: Training Your Humans,’ a delightful manual for kittens, strays, and even the most sophisticated of cats! Written in the mystical language of felines and masterfully translated by the renowned Paul Gallico, this book reveals the secrets of training your human companions with wit and charm. Brimming with timeless wisdom and accompanied by captivating black-and-white photographs by Suzanne Szasz, this enchanting guide is a must-have for cat enthusiasts. Unlock the mysteries of cat-human relationships and create a harmonious bond with your feline friend. Don’t miss out on this magical adventure โ€“ a treasure for every cat lover!

Zen Cats by Yoshiyuki Yaginuma

The embodiment of Zen – independent, serene, enlightened – these cats inhabit the temples, shrines, gardens, and parks of Japan. The photographer has captured these free spirits in many poses, from meditating in a garden and baring fangs in a hunting stance, to frolicking with the family, perching on statues, and curling in repose.

Zen Cats at Ibis Reads
Zen Cats ( click safe)

Step into the serene world of ‘Zen Cats: Guardians of Tranquility,’ where these graceful felines embody the essence of Zen philosophy โ€“ calm, enlightened, and utterly free. Through the lens of a skilled photographer, witness these majestic creatures in moments of meditation, fierce determination, playful frolic, and graceful repose. These Zen cats, revered inhabitants of Japan’s temples and gardens, are not just symbols of good fortune but also essential guardians, regulating the delicate balance of their surroundings.

More Cat Lore than a human can handle…

In this captivating collection, the photographer captures the cats’ timeless allure, their mystical presence enhancing the sacred atmosphere of Buddhist and Shinto temples. Each frame tells a story of quiet wisdom and effortless grace, accompanied by poetic verses penned by Zen disciples and monks across generations. These verses, devoid of human attributes, celebrate the cats for their pure, unfiltered existence.

With each turn of the page, immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of these Zen cats, where tranquility meets the feline spirit. ‘Zen Cats: Guardians of Tranquility’ is more than a book โ€“ it’s a meditative journey, an ode to the harmony between nature and soul. Discover the Zen within, and let the elegance of these extraordinary cats inspire your own moments of serenity.

Spider Cat by Nicola Bayley

Part of a series of books where the author imagines what a cat would do if it were an other creature. Crazy ay. Meant for kids but these little books are charming.

spider cat, cats and Cat lore

Spider Cat

Elephant Cat

Elephant cwt

Elephant Cat

Yup you got it, it is all about a Cat trying to be an Elephant.

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